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We take your vision and help you craft your story. The story of your business. The story of why your customers matter to you.


We custom build your website and digital/online strategy with precision, focus and love.


Whether it's increased revenues, more leads or improving your customer's online engagement, we start with the results in mind, as ultimately that's what grows your business.



a seed

We love the boundless energy, passion and hunger of startups and the opportunity to be an integral partner from ground zero.


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Small & Medium Sized Enterprises often get overlooked, and underserved. Helping these passionate businesses owners get a competitive edge and continue to grow is what we do.


Let Our Team Build Your Vision.


Make yourself comfortable and browse some of our designs.

  • thumbnail of tiko 3D website

    Company Name: Tiko 3D

    Project Type: Web Development

    Project Details: Developed a custom launch page for Tiko 3D designed to create excitement and collect email addresses from excited users looking for an exclusive pre-order.

  • thumbnail of Crave Pixels website

    Company Name: Crave Pixels

    Project Type: Web Design, Web Development

    Project Details: Needless to say we designed & developed our lead creative designer's website from scratch.

    Visit site:

  • thumbnail of Scotch and Palm website

    Company Name: Scotch & Palm

    Project Type: Web Design, Web Development

    Project Details: Scotch & Palm was looking to expand their global appeal and needed a text-light site that clearly, yet simply explained their complex service offering.

    Visit site:

  • thumbnail of chapati house website

    Company Name: Chapati House

    Project Type: Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing

    Project Details: This producer of artisan high-quality Indian breads had a strong customer base, but little online presence. We developed a website highlighting the key offering of the shop and setup analytics to determine the best means of rolling out a profitable e-commerce shop in the future.

    Visit site:

  • thumbnail of breeze street website

    Company Name: Breeze Street Inc.

    Project Type: Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing

    Project Details: Breeze Street had an outdated website with poor user engagement. We used custom analytic tools to identify where users went on the site, what revenue opportunities were being missed and how to best design a highly engaging, mobile responsive site.

    Visit site:

  • thumbnail of goodman pei legal website

    Company Name: Goodman Pei Barristers and Solicitors

    Project Type: Web Design, Web Development

    Project Details: Goodman Pei was seeking a modern, professional legal website, that communicated their service offering without feeling like your prototypical traditional legal office's website.

    Visit site:

  • thumbnail of Energetic Magic website

    Company Name: Energetic Magic

    Project Type: Web Design, Web Development

    Project Details: Energetic Magic was looking for a rebrand and a revamped e-commerce website better highlighting their offering, and driving increased lead conversion.

    Visit site:

  • thumbnail of lotoya jackson website

    Company Name: Lotoya Jackson: E-Learning Developer & Instructional Designer

    Project Type: Web Design, Web Development

    Project Details: Lotoya Jackson while in the process of expanding her business, launched a rebrand in which she wanted a minimalistic feel site that showcased some of her best work.

    Visit site:

  • thumbnail of Aglaw

    Company Name: Adam Goodman Law

    Project Type: Web Design, Web Development

    Project Details: Goodman Law asked for a rebrand that focused on modernizing their image, and for an easy call to action for their site visitors.

    Visit site:

  • thumbnail of Green Cloud Realty website

    Company Name: Green Cloud Realty Inc.

    Project Type: Wordpress Updates and Optimization

    Project Details: Canada's 1st flat-fee, full-service real estate brokerage needed assistance with updating their website including fixing broken links and enhancing SEO.

    Visit site:


Fresh ideas and new talent are always welcome. Let's chat!



Image of David


Founder. Developer. Strategist.

A passionate entrepreneur with business and sales experience working for both Fortune 500 companies, and startups. Beautifully designed and well-functioning websites are great, but David's focus ultimately always revolves around how does it drive our client's bottom-line.

Picture of Bill


Digital/Content Marketing Specialist.

Bill is a masterful curator of content from blog posts to podcasts with experience dealing with businesses of all sizes.

Picture of Tasha


Creative. UI/UX Designer.

Instrumental in bringing our client's vision from a vague thought, to a creative design. Tasha brings not-for-profit, for-profit & an entrepreneurial background, providing her with a depth of experience to extract cutting-edge design inspiration.

Image of Bishal


Full Stack Developer

Bishal loves to craft web technologies and takes pride in masterful code and robust websites.

Image of Max


Full Stack Developer.

Max brings attention to detail and passion for perfection to the team and to every project.


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