Breeze Street

+338% PPC Purchase Conversion Increase

+719% Increase in Purchase Button Clicks

Client Profile:

  • Name: Breeze Street Inc.
  • Industry: Online Residential Real Estate Marketing Platform
  • Services: Disruptive Real Estate Marketing
  • Challenge: Poor Google Adwords PPC Conversion Rates
  • Strategy: Implement Scroll Tracking & Adwords Geo-Targeted Bid Adjustments

The Challenge:

PPC conversion rate extremely low and overall client PPC campaigns generating negative ROI with client not understanding why.

Three problems identified:

1. Visitor not seeing purchase page

2. Those that did see were not engaging purchase button

3. Poor Adwords search & remarketing campaign geo-targeting

The Strategy:

We implemented scroll tracking and were able to determine only less than half of visitors actually scrolled far enough down page to see the purchase button CTA. Those that did see purchase button, less than 2% of visitors actually clicked on purchase button. Adwords & Remarketing campaigns had ineffective bid adjustments & keyword planning.

The Execution:

On-page Revisions:

Removed unnecessary content near top of landing page & increased visibility of purchase CTA by moving further up page

Campaign Revisions:

Created custom (JS Scripts) & geo-targeted bid adjustments for both search and remarketing to increase spend in target areas/decrease in less important areas

Restructured keyword lists and enhanced negative keyword list for better ad spend Created new remarketing campaign

The Results:

Reduced Avg. CPC by 23% , through keyword optimization and saw a 338% increase in PPC purchase conversion rate, and a 719% increase in purchase button clicks driven by campaign optimization.

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