10X Increase In Google Ads Call Conversions

Client Profile:

  • Name: C&S ENERGY PRO
  • Industry: Construction / Energy
  • Services: Administrative Support
  • Challenge: Assist with Poorly Performing Google Ads
  • Strategy: Restructure search ads / rebuild keywords

The Challenge:

Search campaigns had modest click-through-rate but very low conversion rates.  We indentified:

1. Keyword list too broad and poor Quality Score (QS)

2. Campaign structure didn't effectively segment ads

3. Search queries driving visitors to site were not client's target audience

The Strategy:

Use historic and account data to rebuild all search campaigns, ads and keyword lists to more effectively target key audience.

The Execution:

We started with reviewing and then rebuilding all the search ads including rewriting the copy to effectively increase CTR, while also filtering out poor quality leads.

We subsequently restructured the ads/ad groups to better track what benefit of the business' value proposition was most appealing to leads. 

Finally, we analyzed and rebuilt all the keywords to better attract the client's target audience and significantly increase Quality Score.  

The Results:

A 10 Times Increase In Google Ads Call Conversions, a significant increase in Quality Score and improved ad group structure that allows the client to better understand what benefit is driving the most appeal and target/adjust bids accordingly.  

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